Healing in the Womb

When Stefanie called me that afternoon, I could detect from the worry in her voice that something was wrong. She had gone for a routine scan that morning and had been told that her baby presented a dark spot in one of her lungs. Further tests were needed and she and her partner would have to be referred to the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London.

After reassuring her as best I could, I invited her to come for a physical journey as soon as possible. Stefanie, normally very open to the work, immediately voiced her doubt that we could use the journey on her unborn child. I replied that I did not believe in limiting the power of this work and that we had nothing to lose in trying. We would explore the issue together and try our best.

During a ‘Physical Journey Process’ the same evening, Stefanie accessed the dark spot in her baby’s lung and discovered her own panic that seemed to have registered there when she ran her cat over a few weeks before. She had indeed felt stricken by panic when the incident happened and she had had to take her cat to the vet. The cat had survived but the panic she had felt had not been dealt with and had affected her unborn baby’s lung. Stefanie allowed herself to fully feel all her panic and we completed the process just as described in the tools section of Brandon Bays’ book, The Journey.

By the time Stefanie and her partner were seen by a specialist at Great Ormond Street Hospital, the latter, after doing the necessary tests, asked to be reminded why they had been referred: the baby’s lungs were clear and perfect. Stefanie’s little girl is now nearly four and I am happy to say, with gratitude, that there has never been anything wrong with her lungs or with her. My granddaughter is in perfect health.

About London Journey Practitioner Nathalie Montille

Since experiencing the liberating power that is The Journey, Nathalie’s mission has been to empower people to find within themselves, the joy, love and freedom that they have been seeking. You can contact Nathalie on 07904 295 387 or send her an email.