Journey work, in its simplest form, is a therapeutic technique which works by you being guided to the place within yourself where emotions, and the memories to which they are attached, are stored. This place is accessed through your emotions, and your Journey Practitioner guides you there safely and expertly.

Previously suppressed emotions are felt and reintegrated, releasing the events they were attached to. You are then freed from the past and a new, more powerful and balanced, present reality takes form.

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Journey work goes much deeper than conventional therapeutic treatments. It clears emotional blocks held in cell memories and has permanent and life-changing results. In a Journey Process you work directly with your subconscious to let go of past issues, forgive and heal through your own inner truth.

The science behind Cellular Healing

In the development of the Journey Process, Brandon Bays acknowledges the work of Dr Deepak Chopra who made a life study of successful survivors of illness. He found that such survivors had two things in common:

  1. They were able to access something beyond the mind to stimulate their healing.
  2. They were able to let go of memories that were stored at a cellular level.

Cells in our body regenerate at different speeds. In the eye they take only 48 hours, whereas cells in the liver take a full six weeks to regenerate.

The question that Dr. Chopra asked was ‘what stops a diseased cell from regenerating healthily?’

He postulated that memories can be stored in the cells and can cause degenerative disease patterns to be passed on, preventing healthy new cell replication.

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Dr. Candace Pert went further into this area of research in her book ‘Molecules of Emotion’ which describes her Nobel Prize nominated research into how emotions affect our bodies at the cellular level.

She discovered that if trauma and negative emotions are not resolved, they become physically stored in our cells as a ‘cellular memory’, preventing those cells involved from playing their part in healthy chemical communication taking place between cells in the body.

Traumatic cell memories not only ‘switch off’ these cells, but then lead to emotional and physical disease, sometimes years after the events originally occurred.

Journey Process work enables you to let go of these memories, ‘switching on’ your cells, and enabling them to once again regenerate perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions about Journey Therapy

We have prepared a list of answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Journey Therapy, you can read answers to the FAQs here, or find out more about the team at the Inner Journey Clinic here.