Imagine being supported on a journey of discovery to the centre of your being where you are able to uncover the root cause of any longstanding health, emotional or behavioural issue and completely free yourself. It has been shown that suppressing the emotions blocks your cell receptors, which in turn interferes with normal healthy communication between cells, impairing body function*. Conversely, allowing the feelings to flow unblocks the receptors and maintains health.

“The help you gave me last week is really kicking in now. Life feels much clearer & I have more energy coming from within”
Peter – Financial Advisor

The Journey™ Therapy process will guide you directly to the memories stored in the cells. Once these memories have been uncovered they can be resolved and released, allowing the body to start healing at a cellular level. The results are profound and lasting. This technique, pioneered by Brandon Bays and outlined in her bestseller ‘The Journey™’, is now internationally recognised as one of the most powerful and transformative healing tools available today.


London Journey Practitioner Jonathan Orchard
Jonathan Orchard
London Journey Practitioner Nathalie Montille
Nathalie Montille
London Journey Practitioner Kathryn Lovewell
Kathryn Lovewell

Journey Practitioner Training

The Accreditation process with The Journey involves the in-depth study and application of the Emotional Journey process and the Physical Journey processes. These techniques are then expanded to cover ‘Advanced skills’ and exercises completed as part of ‘The Designer Journey Process’, ‘The Abundance Process’ and ‘The Life’s Purpose Process’ training.

The Inner Journey Clinic therapy room in London

The Inner Journey Clinic

Journey Practitioners (often referred to as Journey Therapists) are trained comprehensively in personality characterology in the form of The Enneagram and The No Ego process. Training also covers aspects of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) including phobia cure, pain control, belief change, parts integration and the six-step reframe processes.

After all the training has been undertaken, the final stage of Journey Practitioner Accreditation requires Journey Therapists to present 46 written case studies which are then assessed to ensure a high quality of work. Once accredited, all Journey Practitioners resit the accreditation training week with Brandon every three years to maintain their accredited status.

Choosing your Journey Practitioner

To help you decide which one of the Journey Practitioner in London’s Inner Journey Clinic is the best one for you, please have a look at their profiles with information about them and their specialities, and then feel free to phone or email them and see which one you respond to best.

“The Journey Therapy also helped to give voice to old anger that had been previously unexpressed. Clearing these negative emotions have enhanced my life at every level. Thank-you Jonathan for guiding me through this process”
Gillian – Osteopath

*See Molecules of Emotion: Why You Feel the Way You Feel – by Dr Candace Pert PhD – Pocket Books 1999