The Inner Journey Clinic in London is a unique collective of some of the most experienced Journey Therapists working in the world today. No matter which one of the therapists you choose, you will be in expert hands – we offer the best choice of Journey Therapists in London.

The Inner Journey Clinic – including some of the most experienced Journey Therapists in the world.

London Journey Therapist Jonathan Orchard
Jonathan Orchard
London Journey Therapist Nathalie Montille
Nathalie Montille
London Journey Therapist Kathryn Lovewell
Kathryn Lovewell

What clients of Journey Therapists in London have said

“Your Journey Therapy has improved my life immeasurably, may many others benefit from your excellent work”
Robert – Accountant

The Inner Journey Clinic therapy room in London

The Inner Journey Clinic

The team of Journey Therapists at The Inner Journey Clinic in London offer a combination of cutting edge therapeutic techniques in their one-to-one therapy sessions and personal therapy programmes. They can offer you the highest quality emotional care for any challenging issues you might be facing.

Our commitment is to offer you a wide variety of pathways for your individual healing, growth and transformation, and to meet you with compassion and empathy as you undergo your personal process.

So, if you are committed to finding lasting happiness in your life, and are willing to invest in yourself and your freedom, then one of the Journey Therapists at the Inner Journey Clinic can help.
The story of The Inner Journey Clinic

The Clinic was founded in 2004 as a centre of excellence, combining the skills of highly experienced Journey Therapists in London. Everyone who visits the clinic is in the hands of an expert, and can get profound results and experience a highly professional service.

Everyday in the media there are constant reminders that we are living in challenging times, and we believe that now, more than ever, that taking care of your Inner Self will allow you to deal with the outer turbulence of life.

Each of the Journey Therapists in London at The Inner Journey Clinic are committed to bringing the most effective and powerful working practices to people who choose to shift their lives, and are continually inspired by helping more and more people find the opportunities that lie in the heart of their challenges.

Choosing your Journey Therapist

To help you decide which one of the Journey Therapists in London’s Inner Journey Clinic is the most appropriate one for you, please have a look at their profiles with information about them and their specialities, and then feel free to phone or email them and see which one you respond to best.