The Inner Journey Clinic is a collective of some of the best and most experienced Journey Practitioners in the world. Between them they have helped thousands of people from every walk of life to address a multitude of different issues in their lives.

To help you decide which one of the three Journey Therapist in London’s Inner Journey Clinic is the best one for you, simply click on any of the images above to find out more about them and their specialities, and then feel free to phone or email them and see which one you feel most drawn to work with.

Founded in 2004 by Joel Young, Melanie Murphy, Patti Good and Shammie Siddique. The intention of The Inner Journey Clinic was to be a centre of excellence, bringing together practitioners of the highest quality and experience. We wanted to ensure that everyone who visited the clinic would be in the hands of an expert, and to experience a professional service which gave exceptional results. This is as true today as it was back in 2004. Jonathan Orchard and Nathalie Montille joined in 2012 followed by Kathryn Lovewell in 2015.

The clinic had been based out of 1 Harley St from the very beginning and it has been a much loved and valued space. In August 2017 the time came to find a new environment for the clinic and with this shift the remaining founder members, Joel Young and
Patti Good also felt it was time to move forwards with their new passions. It is with heartfelt gratitude and sadness that we and the clinic have said goodbye to Joel and Patti. It is a great privilege and honour that stewardship of the Inner Journey clinic and all that it stands for has now been passed on to Jonathan, Nathalie and Kathryn – to continue the clinic’s service of healing and growth for all, to the highest standards.

Our deepest thanks to the founders of the clinic; Joel YoungPatti Good, and in loving remembrance of the most awesome Melanie Murphy – you are always in our hearts.

All our practitioners have been personally trained by Brandon, and have brought with them many years of therapeutic experience.

We believe that now, more than ever, taking care of your Inner Self, allows you to deal so much better with any outer turbulence and change that life brings. All of us are committed to bringing the most powerful and effective methods and working practices to those that choose to shift their lives with us, and we are excited about helping more and more people discover the opportunity in the heart of the challenge.

Journey Practitioner training

Becoming an Accredited Journey Practitioner involves the in-depth study and application of both the Emotional Journey process and the Physical Journey processes. These techniques are then expanded to include additional ‘Advanced skills’ and exercises completed as part of ‘The Designer Journey Process’, ‘The Abundance Process’ and ‘The Life’s Purpose Process’ training.

Journey Pracitioners are also trained comprehensively in personality characterology in the form of The Enneagram and The No Ego process, and have further training which covers aspects of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) including phobia cure, pain control, belief change, parts integration and the six-step reframe processes.

After all the training has been undertaken, the final stage of Journey Practitioner Accreditation requires each Journey Practitioner to present 46 written case studies which are then assessed to ensure a consistently high standard of work.

Once accredited, as part of their Continual Professional Development all Journey Practitioners resit the accreditation training week with Brandon Bays at least once every three years to maintain their accredited status.

To find out more about the Journey and Journey Process work, you can visit the ‘What is the Journey?’ page, or read the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page. Alternatively, to read more about each practitioner, simply click on their profile image at the top of the page.