London Journey Therapist Jonathan OrchardHelping you find the Joy, Health and Freedom you have been looking for!

Jonathan Orchard has been involved in health and healing for over 20 years, having started his journey at university where he discovered Tai Chi, which ignited his passion for Chinese medicine. He had a light bulb moment while reading an introductory book on Acupuncture that ‘this is it, this is what I am going to do with my life!’

 Acupuncture for fertility and pain

He studied Acupuncture for 4 years at the Northern College of Acupuncture in York and has been in full time practice since 1998 running a busy clinic specializing in treating fertility related issues as well as chronic pain, mental-mental emotional issues and addictions. He has successfully helped many thousands of people over that time.

Jonathan trained in LIshi style Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Kung Fu for 15 years, becoming one of the head teachers in London, performing twice in the Royal Albert hall before taking a break to spend more time with his wife and young son and daughter.

Jonathan says…

“My first experience with ‘The Journey’ began in 2000. I have tried a lot different healing modalities over the years and in my experience this is the most graceful, simple & powerful tool available…anywhere. I have spent years using ‘The Journey’ and have had many, many remarkable results with it and continue to witness the miracle of this on a daily basis.

I am passionate about health and healing and continue to use The Journey and Acupuncture to help people discover and experience true ‘Well Being’. He has now completed training in ‘Transformational Breathing’ a specialised breathing technique, which like ‘The Journey’, can also address and release deep trauma in a very short time. It is another beautiful and very powerful tool that fits in perfectly with Journey work.

My own experience with ‘The Journey’ has been life changing and its power and simplicity continues to astonish me, I am committed to being the best I can be in all areas of my life and as part of this evolution I personally do in-depth processes as often as possible and attend as many advanced professional acupuncture, Journey and other self-development courses as time allows. ‘The Journey’ is very deep work and I feel it is a great honour to be able to assist you in finding a level of grace, peace and freedom that you may not have previously imagined possible… and it is.”

With love



Post Graduate diploma in Acupuncture (2000)
Accredited Journey Practitioner (2009)
Transformational Breath facilitator (intern)
BSc(Hons) Materials Science (1995)

What people have said about Jonathan Orchard…

In the face of difficulty, most of us do our best to cope with the situation, hold it together, and keep going, but we often end up carrying emotional and physical pain that we don’t know how to heal or release. Through a couple of Journey sessions with Jonathan, I not only felt physically and emotionally healed; I was touched with a new understanding of my life’s purpose.

Sarah - Life Coach

My husband and I were doing IVF to have our first child. The first 2 attempts were unsuccessful but then a friend recommended Jonathan Orchard. We now have a gorgeous boy and are pregnant with our second! I believe we would not have had the success without the help of Jonathan.

Catherine - Mother