London Journey Therapist Kathryn LovewellSupporting you to let go of the stuff that doesn’t serve you and discover the wealth of wisdom, right here, inside you.

From a severely sleep deprived mum to bestselling author – The Journey has been the guiding light to a rich and fulfilled life for Kathryn. When self-doubt, chronic illness or relationship challenge crossed her path, the teachings of Brandon Bays and the profound healing Journey processes helped clear the emotional blocks that might have stopped her from shining brightly and positively contributing to our world.

A Passion for Teaching

Passionate about children and young people, teaching was the obvious career choice. However, early into her vocation, the glaring lack of emotional support for young people steered her towards a deeper calling. She now dedicates her life to supporting young people and their guardians – parents, teachers and carers, to be the best they can be; to polish their ‘inner diamond’ so they can live the life they love, with passion, enthusiasm and conviction.

Best Selling Author

Every Teacher Matters bookAn international speaker, award winning emotional resilience trainer and bestselling author of ‘Every Teacher Matters’ and co-author of The Positive Edge Journal, Kathryn Lovewell is an expert in the field of Emotional Health and Wellbeing, having supported individuals to shift from a negative fixed mind-set to living a healthy, positive life of possibility.

Kathryn has created and taught Wellbeing programmes for students and teachers in schools, men in prison and young people in care.

Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher

Kathryn is now one of only 3 certified Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) teachers in England. She is passionate about the power of befriending yourself and how this can significantly and positively impact the way one copes with difficulty, especially ones inner critic. She teaches the official MSC 8-week course and 5-day intensive programme, supports MSC graduates with monthly practice and offers Loving Kindness and Self-Care Retreats throughout the year.

Senior Journey Practitioner

A Senior Journey practitioner with over 10 years’ experience, based in central London and the London Borough of Sutton; Kathryn offers a unique heart-centred provision utilising The Journey’s transformational healing tools. Clients range from professional sportsmen, gifted and talented young people and teens struggling with learning and life, to professional and full-time mums.

When working with Kathryn you will benefit from all the latest techniques of The Journey plus a wealth of experience in mindfulness, meditation, conscious communication and mindful-self-compassion. You will discover how to tap into your body wisdom, connect with your natural genius and recognise your limitless potential. You will leave feeling expansive, whole and full of possibility.


Certified Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher (2017)
Qualified Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher for Teens & Young Adults (2016)
Qualified Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher (2016)
Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner (2015)
EFT -Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner (2007)
Accredited Journey Practitioner (2006)
Qualified Teacher, 11-18yrs (1996)
BA Honours, Theatre Arts & Performance with Design Arts (1994)

Very proud mum of 2 gorgeous young men!

What people have said about Kathryn Lovewell…

At the beginning of this year, I felt incredibly disconnected and was experiencing deep despair. It is thanks to your careful and caring work that I managed to regain and rebirth that part of me which I knew was deep down.

It is thanks to you that I was able to truly love that little self and be kind to her, leaving judgement and the beating stick behind. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for teaching me how to live (in harmony) with myself, my mind, and thus more profoundly with others.

CT – Oxford University Honours Graduate

I feel more comfortable going out than staying in now! I just feel at peace! You’re a magician Kathryn. I don’t know how you do it !


I wish to thank you for your week-long training with our children in Richmond Virginia. I have never seen one practitioner inspire our vulnerable children as much as you did. As you know our wide range of kids from 5-17 makes it very challenging for any presenter, but you did it !

You didn’t just inspire our children to start trusting again and teach them how to deal with the stress of being in care; you also inspired my therapists and direct care staff to use your strategies to help our new kids that did not see your training. Thank you again.

RK - Executive Director, Kids in Focus, USA

I came to Kathryn for help with my young teenage daughter who had a very negative attitude to herself and an inability to believe in herself or try new things.

My daughter responded well to the sessions, relishing the one to one attention not often given in our busy lives. She was heard and asked to think about her thoughts in a sometimes challenging but insightful way. It was not always easy and there was sometimes “homework” set to cement the learning and behaviour changes.

The result is a much happier girl, able to do things that were beyond her before, a girl who may not be an academic genius but who knows that she has other attributes that are valued just as much. I felt that there was a missing piece that if we could just find it, my daughter would click together and light up, like I knew she could. Our key was Kathryn. Thank you x

CB - Mum of Junior Journeyer & Life Balance Programme

I too have been privileged to work with Kathryn to bring out my inner sparkle and it has been life changing. I trust Kathryn implicitly, she really does care and invest her time in each and every one of her clients, both during and after each session, she has an amazing gift and I would highly recommend her; in fact I did and I’m thrilled to know that she has helped transform another child’s life for the better.