London Journey Therapist Marion YoungSpecialising in creating a safe and confidential space where you can connect to your inner wisdom and listen to the guidance that you experience there.

Imagine feeling so safe and supported, that you could finally relax and rest deeply in the knowledge that there is nothing that you can bring to the session that cannot be embraced in unconditionally loving way.

With over 25 years of therapeutic experience and as one of the most experienced Journey Practitioners in the UK, I offer a comprehensive programme of one-to-one sessions, telephone support, and a wide range of other resources to support and inspire you on your journey.

Having facilitated thousands of Journey processes since being personally trained by Brandon Bays in 1999, over the years I have learnt the best and most effective ways of bringing deeper meaning and lasting change to people’s lives.

In 1999 the Journey changed my life

I wonder how your life would have been if you had discovered at an early age, that not only is it safe to feel all your emotions, but that they are gateways to the Soul? And that not only do they carry you into a profound inner peace, but by fully feeling them they change the neurochemistry in your body and effect emotional and physical healing?

Discovering this to be true for myself changed my life beyond recognition, and continues to do so every day. And since that time I have dedicated my life to helping others discover their own connection to their inner peace, and to helping them release old stuck emotional pain and limiting beliefs.

I do this through my one-to-one Journey process programmes, support groups, stillness retreats, one-year spiritual mentoring programmes, and as a Journey presenter of Journey@Home events. I also regularly mentor and support other Journey Practitioners in the UK and run local events in Surrey for people who have previously attended Journey Intensive courses.

I would love to support you too, to encourage and inspire you to let go of anything that is holding you back from living a joyous, happy and inspirational life.

Qualifications and experience

Member of Independent Professional Therapists International
Accredited Journey Practitioner (1999)
Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner (2001)

Journey@Home presenter (2015)
Journey Practitioner Assessor (2014)

Qualified in:
Clinical Aromatherapy (1991)
Chinese Reflexology (1992)
Anatomy and Physiology (1991)

BA Hons degree in Geography
BSc in Housing Management
Post Graduate Certificate in Education

I am also the proud holder of a Blue Peter Badge!

You can

What people have said about Marion Young…

Marion Young is an especially gifted facilitator and therapist, with extensive practical experience and extremely well versed in both spirituality and science. She has an amazingly compassionate way of working, with an instinctive ability which allows you to feel safe and supported.

Doris Sew Hoy - Strengths Coach and Career Counsellor

I wanted to say how grateful I am for all your teaching and mentoring through the years – that have enabled me to come to the place of contentment and understanding which I have longed for. I have had a lovely summer.

Ruth Armes - Life coach

Marion Young is an exceptional Journey Practitioner, group facilitator and Meditation teacher. I have had the privilege of learning from and working alongside Marion for many years. She walks her talk. She lives and works from a place of Grace. Words cannot capture the inspiration, love and wisdom Marion provides for her clients and community. She is extraordinary and will guide you to a place of personal peace.

Kathryn Lovewell - Journey Practitioner