London Journey Therapist Nathalie MontilleEmpowering you to find within you the joy, the love, the freedom that you have been seeking

Even from a young age, I was aware that, though I could be ‘happy’ like everyone else, this happiness was superficial: it never lasted; there was always an ‘aftertaste’, even a void, and I knew that there was something else that I was not accessing – unconditional joy.

Then, slowly but surely, Life, my greatest teacher, started to awaken me to another dimension of itself. That’s when The Journey appeared in my life, nearly twenty years ago now, and I began to understand that the true joy that I felt had been missing from my life was actually my very own Essence. I am that.

The Journey changed my life

The Journey changed my life in that it made me more conscious and empowered me to take responsibility for me. I did not have to be a victim anymore and, through this ongoing journey of clearing out my own emotional and physical blockages, it opened me to the truth of who I am.

Ever since I have experienced the liberating power that is The Journey, my aim, my mission really, has been to empower you to find within you the joy, the love, the freedom that you have been seeking. And the amazing truth is that you discover that healing, be it emotional, mental or physical, has the potential to become a powerful by-product of this journey within.

An invitation

My invitation to you today is that you commit to you, that you invest in you, in your own healing path, and, on my part, I commit to partnering you by offering you:

  • The highest quality of care and commitment, and my ability to listen to you
  • The length and depth of my experience of working in this field for many years, including working on my own issues, a fact which helps me truly empathise with you
  • My experience as an international practitioner and workshop leader, working with hundreds of people in multiple countries
  • The excellence of my rigorous training with Brandon Bays herself and the experience gained whilst serving with her at multiple events both in the UK and abroad
  • Journey processes tailored for your own needs – I also offer processes in French if you are a French speaker
  • The safe embrace of non-judgment and total confidentiality
  • An open-hearted welcome, compassion and understanding

Transformational Breath®

In the course of my career, I have also trained with Dr Judith Kravitz, the founder of Transformational Breath, and the internationally acclaimed Transformational Breath® Foundation. As a certified Facilitator, UK Senior Trainer and Liaison Officer with the Transformational Breath Foundation in the US, I have had many years’ experience of sharing this work internationally, giving talks, running workshops as well as training facilitators. I often work with both The Journey and Transformational Breath in parallel, thus achieving amazing results.

Countless numbers of people have reported that our work together has inspired them to take responsibility for transforming their lives. My commitment to you is to facilitate an opening for you to go within and find the answers you are seeking right inside of you and help you access your full inner potential.

Whatever your challenge, know that you are welcome. For me it is always a privilege to witness, and be part of, your transformation, your healing and your awakening.