Who can benefit from Journey Process work?

Anyone with an emotional or physical issue they wish to be cleared of or freed from. This may range from chronic illness to a desire to find out the truth that lies beneath emotional issues. The Journey Process is for people who no longer want to be a victim, to remain in the quagmire of pain and instead want to break through into the freedom of exploring their highest potential, living life as a full expression of their truest self. The only thing a person needs is the desire to be free.

What conditions can Journey Therapy help?

People suffering with a variety of diseases, behavioural problems and general emotional issues such as low self-esteem, stress, anger, guilt, grief, depression, panic attacks, anger, phobias, anxiety, allergies, pain, lack of confidence, and many others have found relief from getting to the core of, and then fully releasing, the issues surrounding their conditions.

With a fierce willingness and strong desire to heal, many who have come to The Inner Journey Clinic have found that The Journey Process has enabled them to dive deeply into the core of their physical and / or emotional issues and find resolution.

What is a Journey Process?

A Journey Process is a guided introspection designed to address your specific issues, uncover the root cause of whatever needs addressing, and help you find an inner peace. It will take you deep within, to a place where you will be guided by your own body’s wisdom.

When you have recovered the memory or memories that are the key to your issue, you are then able to empty out all the associated emotion and open into a deep forgiveness. Once free from this memory, healing at a cellular level can take place.

Do Journey Processes always need to be done face-to-face?

We have found that Skype is also an excellent medium for Journey Process work, so if you are not able to travel to the Inner Journey Clinic then please enquire about Skype Journey Processes with any of our practitioners.

What if I don’t get a memory or don’t feel anything?

Many people worry about this aspect of the Journey Process, it’s quite natural, but your Journey Practitioner will help you and knows exactly what to do. A Journey Process also unfolds exactly the way it needs to, and there is no ‘right’ way for your process to happen. Your Journey Practitioner will guide you in the way that is best for you, until your process is successfully completed.

I don’t want to re-experience a painful memory …

This is an understandable concern, however the memory usually comes up quite spontaneously and the purpose is just to identify it and gather enough information about it so that it can be re-programmed and changed later in the process. You are able to keep a ‘distance’ from the memory too; it only needs to be briefly described, as if you were watching it on a movie screen. As soon as you’ve done this, you switch the screen off so the memory no longer affects you while the process allows you to re-programme it. Lastly a Journey Process never brings up more than you are ready to deal with at any given time. You can relax and trust that whatever memory comes up, your Journey Practitioner knows how to help you integrate all that you have experienced.

I am scared to feel my emotions …

This is quite normal too. We often don’t like to fully feel our emotions, and can sometimes be afraid of what might happen if we do. In general, we have been taught from a young age not to feel our emotions, so it is quite natural for you to have this concern. However, with Journey Process work you can relax in a gentle and safe environment with a Journey Practitioner who knows exactly how to guide you through every step of your Journey Process.

You will also discover that when you take the time to investigate what is in the core of your emotions, this is completely different from letting your emotions overwhelm you and have them run away with you. Investigating what is at the core of your emotions is really not so scary, in fact, it is highly liberating and immensely self-empowering.

When you do this in a Journey Process, you only feel any negative emotion for brief amount of time. People often find that their fears about what will happen when they feel a dominant emotion coming up are actually groundless, and ultimately, you discover that at the core of even the most negative emotions there is actually a profound sense of deep inner peace and well being.

Will it work for me?

The Journey Process is ultimately a journey into wholeness and inner peace. There is no guarantee that a specific outcome can be achieved, but everyone can experience a whole range of benefits from undergoing the process, such as finding peace, forgiveness, a deeper connection to their source, as well as physical and emotional healing. Any complimentary work should always be done with the full permission of your medical practitioner and any medications that you are taking should not be replaced by Journey work.

What training has a Journey Practitioner undertaken?

The Accreditation process with The Journey involves the in-depth study and application of the Emotional Journey process and the Physical Journey processes. These techniques are further expanded to cover ‘Advanced skills’ and exercises completed as part of ‘The Designer Journey Process’, ‘The Abundance Process’ and ‘The Life’s Purpose Process’ training.

Journey Practitioners (sometimes referred to as Journey Therapists) are trained comprehensively in personality characterology in the form of The Enneagram and The No Ego process. Practitioner Training also covers aspects of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) which include phobia cure, pain control, belief change, parts integration and the six-step reframe processes.

After all the training has been undertaken, the final stage of Journey Practitioner Accreditation requires Journey Practitioners to present 46 written case studies which are then assessed to ensure a consistently high quality of work. Once accredited, all Journey Practitioners have to resit the accreditation training week with Brandon at least once every three years to maintain their accredited status.

All of the team at the Inner Journey Clinic are highly experienced Journey Practitioners, trained personally by Brandon Bays.

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