The ‘Qi’ To Your Leap Of Faith

It’s too difficult!! It won’t work for me, it will hurt!! It’s impossible!! This is how it can feel sometimes when we are confronted with a painful situation in life and for a moment consider taking action to change it. These and many other thoughts become the excuses that cause us to stay stuck and to wallow in whatever it is we say we don’t want.

Switch your energy on

Consider that the opposite thoughts may be actually be truer. ‘It’s easy’ ‘It will work for me’ ‘It will be enjoyable’ ‘It is possible’ then feel and notice there will usually be a sensation of excitement or anticipation and then take action. You have then, very literally, taken a leap of faith and jumped into life. This is not just a metaphor, it is very real and can be felt as a tingling, fluttering or buzzing sensation in the solar plexus (butterflies in the tummy) this is your ‘Life’ energy or ‘Qi’ beginning to flow and move again in the body.

In Chinese medicine we understand very well why clients’ symptoms often disappear when they go to their GP or come to see us. The very act of booking an appointment moves the ‘Qi’ of the patient and that initiates healing/change, so symptoms resulting from stagnation will start to improve or even vanish. However if one then stops short of getting effective treatment, the symptoms will return. We need to keep the ‘Qi’ moving, by creating lasting change.

Make The Change Permanent

Doing Journey work can elicit these changes in a very short time, that is permanent. The outcome of this work is more (and often much more) Joy, Freedom, Power, Connection, …, …, …, (fill in the blanks here for yourself!) so to paraphrase the message of Susan Jeffers’s book:
‘Feel the fear/excitement and do it anyway’

About London Journey Practitioner Jonathan Orchard

Jonathan has been in full time clinical practice for over 15 years and has helped thousands of clients to make the profound changes they were seeking. He has a special interest in helping couples with fertility issues. You can contact Jonathan on 07786 233 317 or send him an email. You can also find out more about Jonathan by visiting or