Transcending Your Body Image

Today we identify more and more with our body. We are acutely aware of the way it looks – too fat, hardly too thin, and God forbid that we should look our age. We surgically remove what we do not want, artificially implant whatever we believe is missing, collectively spend an infinite amount of time, and millions of pounds “looking perfect”, and maybe not realising that, ultimately, what we are truly seeking is acceptance, approval and love. We all want to be loved, but we mistakenly believe that we must first be perfect in order to deserve it.

A perceived perfect body is important in helping us determine who we think we are: it is all about the image we present to the world. And yet, paradoxically, we tend to take no notice of the body’s messages to us. Most of the time we are oblivious to the way it actually feels; we are out of touch with it. Most of us have become like automatons, moving through life on automatic pilot, taking our aches and pains in our stride, unaware that the body talks to us, and that it is said that it never lies.

Yet the body can help us access our suppressed emotions, in themselves, a breeding ground for all kinds of dis-ease, and, not only integrate them and increase our sense of well-being, but also find in the core of them, the gateway to the Source of our Being.

The real question

Hence, the real question when I look in the mirror is not “how big is my bum?” but, “how do I feel inside as I look at myself ?” Do I love or hate what I see? Do I love or hate myself? What am I worth in my own eyes? Is it safe to fully show up in this body? Should I, instead, do anything I can to take myself out of it so that I do not have to feel the fear, the grief, the anger or the self-loathing that may be lurking there?

The invitation to you today is to truly connect with your body, show up in it, inhabit it fully, make peace with it, integrate your suppressed emotions by fully embracing them, and feel your body relax and breathe. You may, by the same token, find yourself less likely to compensate through unhealthy habits.

The expertise and experience

We, at the Inner Journey Clinic, have the expertise and the experience to facilitate the embracing and letting go of any perceived blocks to accessing your full potential and to your showing up fully in your life.

Through a Journey process, I can, for example, help you access the root cause of the lack of self-worth that is probably making you feel that you are not lovable as you are, that you are not enough, will never be enough.

I can also look at your breathing pattern to determine how this lack of self-worth impacts the way you breathe, hence, the way you embrace life. And, using Transformational Breath®, I can help you release those physical blocks in your respiratory system. As you get in touch with your body and reclaim your breath, you may find that, by the same token, you begin to reclaim your life.

Take the first step towards embracing and loving yourself just as you are. Get in touch now.

About London Journey Practitioner Nathalie Montille

Since experiencing the liberating power that is The Journey, Nathalie’s mission has been to empower people to find within themselves, the joy, love and freedom that they have been seeking. You can contact Nathalie on 07904 295 387 or send her an email.